We demand that all UK political parties disaffiliate with all pro-Israel lobby groups.

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It is ethically and morally unacceptable for any British political party to nurture affiliations with any apartheid state. Israel 'is' an apartheid state. 

It is nothing short of hypocritical for leaders of British Political Party's to, on the one hand, praise the legacy of Nelson Mandela and participate in remembering the struggle of millions of South Africans under the fascist South African Apartheid State while at the same time nurturing affiliations with groups supporting another fascist apartheid state, in Israel.

Israel has killed thousands of innocent Palestinian men woman and children over many years and has no qualms about shooting or imprisoning young children. Israel continues it's illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and pursues it's campaign to forcibly remove Palestinian families from their homes to make way for illegal Israeli settlements, unabated. In a decades long land grab, Israel has displaced close to a million Palestinian people and today occupies almost the entire Palestinian territory....


Israel has also kettled over 1.8 Million Palestinians into Gaza, a small strip of land which it has effectively turned into an open air prison through blockades. Israel refuses to allow human rights and relief organisations access to Gaza. It also refuses to provide the people of Gaza with access to clean water and a regular supply of electricity and it even blocks access to medicines. In fact it frequently delays or even refuses medical care, including vital cancer treatments, for the people of Gaza.




The crimes of the Israeli Apartheid state are numerous and well documented and it is wholly immoral for any British political party to continue to affiliate with any group or organisation supporting or promoting Israeli interests under the circumstances. We call on all British political parties to officially declare their solidarity with the victims of apartheid and to immediately disaffiliate with any and all groups supporting the Israeli Apartheid state.