We demand release of Babariko, Tikhanovsky and other political prisoners in Belarus

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We demand freedom for Viktor Babariko, Sergei Tikhanovsky - 2020 presidential candidates, Pavel Severinets as well as dozens of other political prisoners in Belarus. 

Viktor Babariko was detained in June 2020, after he expressed his intentions to run for presidential elections. Babariko was considered the main rival to Alexander Lukashenko in this year's elections. Sergei Tikhanovsky, a pro-democracy activist and Youtuber, has been under arrest since May 2020, just two days after he had announced his intentions to run for presidential elections.

We demand from the Belarusian authorities to end prosecution of these people, their families, friends, former colleagues and members of initiative groups, of those who collected signatures for these candidates and those who joined Belarusians in the streets for peaceful protests. 

During the peaceful protests last weeks over 7000 people were detained, tortured and raped by the special unit forces in Belarus. Although most of those are now released there are still dozens of people who are missing or detained. And those who are released are suffering from severe trauma and need urgent medical care

New detentions by KGB are happening in Belarus every day. 

These detentions are an outstanding violation of human rights. The Belarusian government has committed a repeated violation of the very Constitution they swore to protect. 

We demand the release of all political prisoners, compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and end to illegal violence against citizens of the Republic of Belarus.