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We Demand Principled Leadership on Debt

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No matter who runs DC, the national debt continues to grow.

At $20 trillion, the national debt is more than the value of everything we produce in this country. The deficit-the gap between what the federal government spends and receives in taxes just this year-is heading to $500 billion.

There is no end in sight.

The federal government has a limitless credit card that sends the bill to future generations, and no one can resist using it in Washington, DC. No human being could long resist such a temptation.

But it must end.

Borrowing seems like free money, but it is not. It will be paid back in taxes or in higher prices. When the federal government borrows money to pay for government programs, it is diverting money that could have directly created private sector businesses and jobs. All of this means the more the federal government borrows, the more we lose jobs, prosperity and the ability to compete in the world. As more and more interest payments need to be made, the federal government becomes weaker and unable to address the growing challenges facing us.

We demand that our elected officials show principled leadership on the debt. Specifically, we want our elected officials in Washington, DC to support HCR73 - the resolution that would commit Congress to partnering with the states in advancing the Compact for America Balanced Budget Amendment effort.

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