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We demand OakDOT implement its Pedestrian Safety Guidance for Signalized Intersections

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When walking around Oakland you may notice that at some intersections you have to push a button in order to get a walk signal. If you don't beg - you will never get a walk signal.

Even worse, if you beg after a light cycle has started, you may have to wait until the next light cycle to cross even if there is enough time remaining in the phase for you to cross. Requiring pedestrians to beg, instead of providing recall encourages us to ignore the signal and cross the street illegally.

In 2015, recognizing that beg buttons are inappropriate at intersections where there are always people walking, the City of Oakland drafted a Pedestrian Safety Guidance for Signalized Intersections policy. This policy calls for the abolishment of beg buttons in Downtown Oakland and in other areas where there >100 people per hour crossing the street.

Unfortunately, 3 years later, beg buttons continue to proliferate as OakDOT ignores its own policy. In addition attempts to resolve this issue through official channels including SeeClickFix and Oakland's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission have failed. Now it's up to us to pressure The City to act.

We demand that OakDOT implement its Pedestrian Safety Guidance for Signalized Intersections and stop the begging. 

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