More Midwife Group Practice for Northern Beaches women

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Midwife Group Practice provides midwife-led continuity of care in pregnancy, birth and postnatally. It's proven to provide the best possible care for women birthing in hospital. With fewer preterm babies, fewer interventions and greater maternal satisfaction (as evidenced by a Cochrane 2016 review of 15 studies covering more than 17,000 women and babies that compared models of maternity care).

Women birthing in public maternity units in other parts of Sydney and beyond have far greater access to this gold-standard of care than will be offered at the new Northern Beaches Hospital. Why? Because private, profit-driven company Healthscope have been given responsibilty for our public hospital services! With no accountability to the Northern Sydney Local Health District. 

Healthscope have a track record of very high intervention rates at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital, with the lowest vaginal birth rate in the state - just 33.1%, compared to Mona Vale and Manly at 58.4% and 53.6% respectively. It suits them for women to have more intervention and longer stays in hospital because that's how they make money. Sadly, evidence shows the long-term health and wellbeing of women and ther babies is negatively impacted by unnecessary medical intervention.

The NSW Health Towards Normal Birth policy target is that at least 35% of women should have access to MGP. Only 12-15% of women birthing at the Northern Beaches Hospital will have this opportunity. And, only those who are classified as "low risk" can access this service when the evidence clearly shows the benefits for everyone. The current model of fragmented care increases risk to women and babies.

This is not good enough. Women and babies of the Northern Beaches deserve at least as good as their Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and Western Suburbs counterparts.

Our public maternity services are at risk. Stand up for the women and babies of the Northern Beaches by signing our petition.

We demand more MGP for women birthing at the Northern Beaches Hospital public maternity unit. Healthscope must commit to the 35% target for MGP. Anything less is not good enough.

Thank you for signing this petition. Our collective advocacy is needed to generate consumer awareness and action. Together we can positively influence maternity services at the new hospital so that women and babies are given the best possible care.

Friends of Northern Beaches Maternity Services