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Tall Women & Girls Matter (Tall Beauties Unite)

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Hey Tall Beauties,

Are you tired of searching for pants that are long enough for your long legs? I'm sure the answer is yes, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this petition.There are very few mainstream stores that cater to tall women. Some of them have a pretty decent selection, while others such as AEO, Co are cutting back on their tall selections claiming that there isn't a demand for the longer inseam. We all know that this is complete bullshit but we have to make them see that there is.

Now everyone can agree that the jegging and skinny jeans are the most trendy of all pant styles, and they really compliment our long legs really well, especially when they are actually long enough for us to wear. Well, American Eagle has recently made the inseam for the jeggings and skinny's only 33" which all of us tall girls know is too short for us. This recent change to their jean selection gives us less options when we're in need of more options because finding long inseams for women 5'9" and up is hard enough, and I'm sure you can agree!

I really want you to understand why this issue is so important to me and why it should be to you too. I started this petition out of anger and frustration at mainstream clothing companies pretending like tall women don't exist. These companies are convinced that there isn't a demand for Tall Shops for women. We need to show them that they are wrong. I'm so fired up about this issue because I have a 19 month old daughter who will grow up to be tall since I'm 6ft and her dad is 6"4". I do not want my daughter to have to deal with this issue 15 years from now, and she will if things remain the way that they currently are. Change has to happen sooner rather than later so all the tall ladies in the future won't have to go through the aggravation that we are (and let's not forget the generations of tall ladies before us who had it even worse than us). So it's time we take this issue more seriously and do something about it! 

My mission is to galvanize tall women to take action. I urge you to no longer sit quietly while mainstream clothing companies ignore us. We can no longer complain about the lack of options, if we're unwilling to fight for it! The fight for consumer equality is long overdue!! Mainstream fashion shouldn't just revolve around women who are between 5'4"-5'8. Mainstream companies have to be held accountable for their prejudice against above-average height women. So instead of settling for less, let's dare to demand more! We must demand more and we have to let our voices be heard! And demanding more from AEO is a good place to start to making a change on a larger scale. So here's to getting 36" inseam back for all AEO jeans.

So let's stand tall together and make a change! Please share this petition and let's use the tags below to get this issue trending!

Thanks Tall Beauties!!!

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Dear American Eagle CEO,

Tall women crave good quality and affordable fashion finds just like the average girl, if not more, especially since there are so few mainstream fashion companies who are willing to cater to tall women. We rely on companies like yours to supply and deliver on your commitment to carrying the XLong inseam (36")  for all of your pant and jean selections, not just a small few. 

 I have noticed for the past year or so that the XLong inseam isn't as long as it used to be for the jeggings and skinny pants. After reviewing your size chart I noticed that the jeggings and skinny pants have an inseam of only 33-34" making it an ankle jean on a tall girl. I know the ankle jean is trendy right now, but that style isn't practical for all 4 seasons and not always flattering on every body type. It would be nice to give tall women the option of wearing their pants to the ankle or to the top of the foot which 35-36" inseam would provide. I am 6ft tall and the long inseam used to fit me perfectly now it's just not long enough and I preferred it the way it was before. American Eagle used to be my favorite store to shop for jeans and pants, but I have been disappointed lately because the last few pairs of jeans that I have purchased don't have that perfect long length that I had grown used to getting from your company. I have seen other women making the same complaints on your website also claiming that the XLong inseam "isn't so long anymore". 

I want to remain a loyal American Eagle shopper but myself and every other tall lady shopper will spend our money elsewhere to receive the length that we need if your company continues to cut corners and make the inseams shorter rather than longer. If you want to cater to tall women consumers then I urge you to return the inseam back to the length that it used to be (36"). 

All of my fellow tall lady shoppers, I urge you to sign this petition and to share it with your family and friends. Even if your friends and family aren't effected personally, if they care about your well being then I hope they will support this petition, cause we all know that searching for clothing for tall gals is such a struggle...and the struggle is real! This is about more than finding pants that are long enough, this is also about female empowerment. Companies like American Eagle, Gap, and Old Navy have been providing tall sizes for women and girls over the last few years to cater to the tall female consumer, which is a large market that had been ignored for decades.

Although these companies are providing some tall selections, I still feel they can do better. Giving the tall female shopper less options contributes to the ever present self esteem issues that so many women deal with on a daily basis. You are damaging the confidence of tall women when you decide to change the sizing to the point where it's no longer suitable for the market you claim you want to serve. Not providing tall sizes in several of the other categories of apparel also says to us indirectly,  "that you and your needs don't matter".  Your company should be extending the tall selections, not limiting them. Tall women and tall girl shoppers, and everyone we know need to come together and hold these companies accountable when they make changes to the sizing and think we won't notice or take action. American Eagle bring back the original long inseam (36").


A pissed off tall girl.


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