Justice for Cornelius Fredericks

Justice for Cornelius Fredericks

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*Note: I keep seeing people mention the police. Cornelius was NOT being apprehended for a crime. According to a report I read, he was at this youth facility because his mother died and his father was in prison. This baby was dealing with enough and trying to push through, yet the same adults who was supposed to protect him MURDERED him for playfully throwing a sandwich at one of his peers. 

Cornelius Fredericks died after 3 men sat on his chest for over 10 minutes, all because he playfully threw a sandwich at someone. Cornelius screamed “I can’t breathe” yet the men didn’t get up until he was unconscious. He was 16 and he didn’t deserve to die. Say his name too.

1. All 3 Lakeside Academy employees involved must be held accountable for this child’s death. Michael Mosley, 47, and Zachary Solis, 28, and Heather McLogan, 48, must be held accountable for their actions. 

2. Restraint policies for all youth facilities must be reviewed and amended. Physical force is never deemed necessary for an action such as playfully throwing a sandwich. 

3. The estate of Cornelius Fredericks must be paid in damages for wrongful death and the negligence of these employees. 

4. Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer must speak out! Cornelius had a bright future and his death doesn’t deserve to go unspoken of. 

This type of injustice against my people have gone on for way too long. We don’t want no trouble, we want justice. 

Let’s get justice for Cornelius Fredericks. Say his name too.