We Demand Full Statehood for Delhi

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Why should Delhi be granted full statehood?

All major political parties have called for fullstatehood to Delhi.
Shiela Dixit asked for it in later years of her tenure.

BJP has been calling for that since 1990s but they have raised their demand for statehood, every time around assembly elections only. [Except for this coming elections. You know why!!!]

Basic argument for providing statehood to Delhi is to give it control on regulation of public order, Delhi Police and ability to sanction lands for various purposes. After granting partial statehood to Delhi, entries 1, 2 and 18 of the State List of Seventh Schedule, which deal with public order, police and land, continued to be under the Central government.

Now Delhi has various bodies some elected, some controlled by state and some under central government' control. It is the main reason for various pulls and pressures in daily functioning of Delhi.

MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) is an elected body with a mayor as its head.
NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) is governed by a council with a chairman appointed by the central government and includes the chief minister of Delhi.
NCT (National Capital Territory) is headed by the lieutenant governor who also happens to be the chairman of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).To add further Delhi Police falls under Union Home Ministry, despite a Supreme Court ruling in 1996that they should enjoy autonomy.Because of various ideology differences in state and central government, the development of Delhi is the one who suffers.

Why statehood should be given to Delhi?

So we can see between the municipal corporations and 100 other urban bodies – local agencies, boards and authorities – the state government has a limited role to play. Delhi cannot allot land even for a playground. With three elected bodies (Central, state and municipal bodies), it is a massive three-way fight for territory.
Civic bodies and Delhi Police come under the Union home ministry.

Delhi Development Authority reports to the Union urban development ministry.
Similarly, six different agencies handle drains, sewerage and water pipes.
Five civic bodies and the PWD upkeep the roads.Even if Delhi government has to assume responsibility for water scarcity, power supply, education, health services , transport, social welfare and much more as enjoined by the NCT Act 1991, the process is ridden with constant pulls and pressures.

Having too many bodies administering the various developmental tasks adds to various delays and inefficiency.

Delhi Police is for protecting people of Delhi, not just for providing VIP security cover to politicians and dignitaries.

Current Updates on Delhi Statehood: there has been increased debate on Delhi statehood, some parties stand in favor, some against, some term the methodology unconstitutional, some want it through different channels.

A beautiful glimpse through AAP's eye on the core issues: (Now people are more biased towards AAP, because of the seriousness of issue to AAP)

AAP has been demanding full statehood for Delhi, alleging interference from the Central government.

Delhi came into existence in 1993. Being a union territory, the elected government do not have any control on various administrative affairs including law and order. This has often brought the AAP (Arvind Kejriwal) led  government face to face with the lieutenant governor, appointed by the government at the Centre.

The Delhi Vidhan Sabha has accepted the resolution on full statehood for the city.


Now its our duty being the resident of Delhi to sign this petition and raise the voice for full statehood.

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