Better animal cruelty laws in New Brunswick

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We’ve all seen the new videos online of that poor golden retriever getting kicked punched slapped choked and thrown around i’m sure you’ve also seen the one of the hamster being shaken and put in her mouth The animals are still in the home because we have horrible animal cruelty laws it’s 2020 things need to change  

update I forgot to make an update a while ago the animals were taking out of the house but it took a protest in order for to happen we need tougher laws so if an animal is being abused the New Brunswick SPCA will be able to go in and remove the animal immediately while police do their investigation it is very important that we stay vigilant on this stuff like this happens all the time as I’m sure you seen on Facebook the cat stapled inside a reusable bag Or in Alberta where the man picked up his dog over his head and slammed it on the sidewalk