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Initiation of criminal prosecution, results of water analysis, and other Kamchatka news

Dear signers, Thank you for your concern for environmental issues! There are already more than 130 thousands of us! Meanwhile, the situation in Kamchatka continues to develop. Employees of the Kronotsky Reserve, together with specialists from KamchatNIRO and the the Pacific Geographical Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, when diving in Avacha Bay, recorded a massive death of benthic organisms and suggested that the scale of the disaster would only increase, since the food supply for those species of animals that feed on benthos was destroyed. On the website of Kamchatka Krai, a page with the results of the analysis of samples of sea water, fresh water, sand and atmospheric air in the coastal zones of the Pacific Ocean was created. In a number of samples taken from 30.09 to 07.10, there is an excess of oil products, phenols, phosphate ion, anionic surfactants, and total iron. The page will be refreshed as new data is received. In parallel, independent research is carried out by the WWF-Russia and Greenpeace teams. The source of the contamination has not yet been identified. The Investigative Committee of Russia initiated criminal proceedings on the fact of pollution of the water area of​ Avachinsky Bay of Kamchatka Krai and the death of sea animals. In the light of events like this, Government Decree No. 1496 from September 18, 2020, coming into force on January 1, 2021 and abolishing a number of acts, compliance with which was checked during state environmental control, looks especially alarming. Please keep sharing the petition on social media! Our task is to draw attention to the problem of environmental disasters and their prevention! Our voices must be heard! #SaveKamchatka #СпасемКамчатку

Екатерина Дворянинова
1 year ago