Your back country access is being seriously threatened right now (BC Peace River Region)

Your back country access is being seriously threatened right now (BC Peace River Region)

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Concerned Citizens for Caribou Recovery started this petition to Province of BC

any donations received will be used to:

1) hire legal council to advise,  explore and litigate our case against the provincial government

2)hire a marketing and PR firm to help us get the message out. 

Any remaining donations will be donated to not for profit caribou habitat organizations.

Our organizing  committee, in part consists of:

Aaron Mathias - co-owner of Corlanes Sporting goods

Dane Smith - Manager of Trailblazn Power

Derek Clark - Manager of Hyper Toys

Kathleen Connolly - Dawson Creek & District Chamber of Commerce

Feel free to swing by the locations or call if you have any questions. We take this very seriously.

The following information involves you and almost everyone you know.
Please read, sign, and share . We can't let this go through because our way of life in Northern BC is at risk.

Caribou Closures for the BC South Peace

So about two weeks ago I was given some information. Very legitimate. I was asked to give opinion on the impact these closures would have on my livelihood and lifestyle. Also, friends and family who enjoy backcountry sledding, camping, riverboating, hunting with horses, backpacking, fishing, ATVs, etc. So, this closure, not to be confused with the BC caribou closure, will completely close all backcountry recreation opportunities for everyone and is being promoted by the Federal Liberal Government. These folks are packing a pretty big stick and are proposing a complete shutdown of the area south of Williston lake, west to Mackenzie and south to the bottom end of the Narrow Way. So, no public access to these areas for any use other than caribou mitigation. So, if you ride any of these areas, Carbon Creek, Silver Sands, Calazon, Beaver Creek, Powder King, Mackenzie, Hasler, Burnt, Sukunka, Bull Moose, Wolverine, Core Lodge, Upper Bulley, Red Deer, Narrow Way, Kakwa, these areas will all be closed. Not just high elevation, medium and low elevation winter ranges as well. There will be no hunting of any sort for any species in the closed areas. All of the hiking trails around Tumbler Ridge that are in the caribou closure will be closed and no river boats on the Murray or Wapiti rivers (portions in BC). Closures for the operating coal mines between Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd are being discussed as well as is the closure of one sawmill in Chetwynd. Trappers, outfitters, and other backcountry tenures will also be heavily affected. Not sure about the status of the Powder King ski hill. So, for myself, family, and friends, this will completely change our livelihood and lifestyle. We have been enjoying the wilderness south of tumbler Ridge since the mid 1970’s for myself and my wife and ever since then with our family. Two years ago, my son and I both had limited entry mountain goat tags in m-u 7-21. We took my dad along who is in his mid seventies and my daughter and son-in-law showed up with their son. So, 4 generations were out enjoying the mountains, camping and watching the grizzlies eat blueberries. If we are not allowed to do things like that any more, I am not sure if I will know who l am.
Mike Mulvahill

WE DEMAND that all negotiations halt immediately and  the  Provincial government negotiation teams and all government agencies:

!) Consult  openly with ALL users, stakeholders, businesses, and local government

2) Immediately begin economic and socio economic impact studies on the North East region

3) Provide base line data on populations and relevant science based studies to support closures and recovery plans.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
At 75,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!