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We Demand a Roadmap to Citizenship!

Leaders in the Senate from both sides of the aisle have come together to form a Gang of Eight, committed to fixing our broken immigration system. This Gang of Eight is a critical force in the fight for reform, but their progress is being held up by politics as usual in Washington.

Although the Gang of Eight’s plan includes a path to citizenship, it is dependent upon the precondition of “securing the borders” – despite study after study proving that our border security has never been stronger. Immigrant families could wait years – even decades – before this arbitrary measure is met. Now, it’s time for the Gang of Eight to use their power to overcome partisan politics and make reform a reality.

We call on the Senators making up the Gang of Eight to put forward an immigration reform bill right away, and to include a fair and attainable path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants that is not conditioned on enforcement triggers that could be politicized in a way that delays citizenship.

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