We Want Our Money Back "Fitness World!"

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Fitness World, formerly known as Steve Nash Fitness World, is notorious for scamming people out of their money. By charging customers and former customers when they don't want to be charged.

Covid-19 shut down all Steve Nash Fitness World sites. Throughout this process, the company rebranded itself as "Fitness World," due to Steve Nash himself suing "Steve Nash Fitness World" to get his name taken off of the brand. The newly rebranded company retained Chris Smith as the Chief Executive Officer and President. (https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/steve-nash-wins-appeal-in-fitness-club-case

Not only is Chris Smith the CEO (again); he is also a co-owner along with Mark Mastrov. They are American and all their profits do not stay in Canada! Make no mistake, this is NOT a truly Canadian-owned company. It might be a REGISTERED business in BC, Canada but it certainly is not “truly” Canadian.

Upon reopening as "Fitness World," customers started to get charged once again. Without prior authorization, even during a pandemic such as Covid-19, most customers DO NOT want to attend a gym. If your gym location was closed during reopening, you were "automatically" reassigned to another location closet to you (even if that meant 10km).

The emails received from Fitness World clearly indicate that billing will commence for OPEN FACILITIES. There is no mention of being automatically reassigned to the closest location near you. 

Fitness World does not have a contact number to the head office, only an email, which none have been replied to. Multiple Fitness World Locations do not answer their phones, forcing clients and former clients to go to that location during this pandemic physically.

Even upon going to Fitness World to cancel your membership, they reinforce that they WILL NOT issue a refund under any circumstances, even if you were charged the same day as your cancellation.

There are multiple cases such as myself, Kiu Fazlali (fazlalikiu@gmail.com), I have cancelled my membership (I am not on a contract, was paying on a month to month basis), but once again have been charged almost a month post-cancellation without even having a membership! The countless number of my peers and family members that have dealt with this issue is utterly unacceptable. Some even former employees of Steve Nash Fitness World!

The emails received from Fitness World mention all previous "Steve Nash Fitness World" members will be transferred to the equivalence of a new membership at Fitness World. Which starts at $7.99 bi-weekly, with the highest tier being $19.99 bi-weekly. Many others who signed up for the Park Royal "VIP" location are still getting charged for the "platinum" tier, at $40 bi-weekly. This plan does not even exist anymore. 

No wonder why they have a D- rating on all of their locations: https://www.bbb.org/search?find_country=CAN&find_latlng=49.342851%2C-123.186800&find_loc=West%20Vancouver%2C%20BC&find_text=fitness%20world&page=1&sort=Distance

This has to stop.