Im not a part of leak system n every exam got leaked why only eco exam is reconducted? No

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I want to say that every paper was leaked so why only economics exam is re again? Why not others... N if the paper is leaked then it's not the mistake of the children indeed the mistake of cbse members that they didn't payed attention towards the security of paper.. So re exam should not be there as not only students have to study again but they have their entrance exams too and most of the people also started coaching.. So the students have to study for entrance too... The dates for entrance are just round the corner not even 1 month is left and cbse is saying about re exam? And economics is an important subject can't think of studying it in 2-3 days need 5-6 days for it and bcoz of this how we will be able to study for entrance? It's not a joke but a serious issue and no re exam should be there... Even me n my aquintec were not the part of leaking scandal. .. So why we give it again and play with our future coz entrance is very important.. So it's a request no re exam should be there. PlZ think about the children..