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Stop to animal attractions

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Have you thought when climbing onto that elephants back why he is allowing it to happen? When you watch David Attenborough and see that elephants attack when they feel threatened by humans why that one under you is just standing there letting all these people climb onto him, that's because that particular elephant has been brought up using a technique known as the training crush, this is when handlers use sleep deprivation, Hungar and thirst to break the elephants spirit and make them submissive to their owners. That tiger laying there letting you stroke and lay all over him in the wild you are not allowed anywhere near them as you are food, so why is that one laying there allowing you to get a photo next to his face because he has been so laced with drugs that he physically cannot move. None of this is entertainment it is just pure cruelty to animals and by you giving money for that 2 minute ride or touch is just supporting these vile people and encouraging it so please sign this petition and lets get this stopped.........

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