Gender equality is to be demanded

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Gender inequality refers to a situation where there is no equal treatment of men and women. This unequal treatment can be partially or wholly on basis of the gender. Gender inequality arises mainly due to the differences in socially constructed roles in genders. This difference, between men and women; is generally regarded to political, social, economic or any other problem that is perceived to exist as a result of such differences.

A while ago when I was in primary school only boys were chosen to do the heavy lifting and the sporting events. This in itself was very unfair but it all got worse as I approached the teacher and asked why she never chose girls, “Only the strong boys should do this jobs,” she said, “girls are made for other more easier jobs.” Was her biast reply. 

Women just won the right to vote in Saudi Arabia, but still aren't allowed to drive. In Pakistan there are 2.1 million child brides and only 31% of girls are enrolled in high school.

And in business we still have a glass ceiling: women are not reaching leadership positions, or equal pay.

I believe that we all bleed the same colour, do you?