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We Can Do Better: Raise the State and Federal Minimum Wage to $10/hr

Many individuals are working and still needing to utilize various assistance programs in order to make ends meet. This  should not have to happen.

Assistance programs are often frowned upon. This generally renders them ineffective at solving the poverty and homelessness issues that exist within our country. Moreover, many individuals can not retain their dignity when seeking help to survive, which causes many who genuinely need help to bypass seeking assistance. It's not a secret that doing so often causes more problems; for the individual and society in general.

We live in a country that has more resources and higher corporate profit margins than our counterparts in the rest of the world, yet we pay our workers less per hour than even our Northern Neighbor, which has had to deal with its own economic issues (See Your State's Minimum Wage). Because of this, no adult person in the United States should be subjected to earning less than $10/hr for the work that they are willing to do.

We  can do better; Our Country Can Do Better. Are you willing to help us get there?

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