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Stop taking the pain meds chronic pain sufferer's need

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I am a person suffering from chronic pain, and there are millions of people like us.  There are people who can't even get out of bed on the morning to make breakfast. Some people have lost there lives (both figuratively and literally), spouses, and,  jobs, The FDA, CDC, and the rest of the U.S. government continues to stop chronic pain paitients have their relief. 

Fortunatly there is a solution, keep the government's hand out of this. Not permanantly. No. But there has to some time taken out here and seperate the chronic pain patients, and the rest.

We, as long term pain managment patients signed opiate contracts agreeing to specific rules we needed to adhear too. Random pill counts and drug tests. If you did not meet the standards, you were removed as a patient, no second chances. We are not the ones overdosing and dying. We are tired of being grouped in with the overall drug problem.

This is the crux of the issue. We may have been around for this epidemic, but i dont feel i should, or anyone should suffer daily because of others actions. We are adults, we have a right to our own healthcare choices, we know the risks of addiction, and we dont abuse the privilege of pain relief.

This plight has effected me and many around us. Search social media, and people can find millions in support groups online, as it is there only connection to the outside. Depression creeps in to our lives and can take hold because we can not gain access to the simple medications we need. I hope nobody ever has to deal with chronic pain, and the choices you make today, will determine your ability in the future to find relief. No one should have to walk this journey known as life in total, crippling, and life altering chronic pain.

I dont have all the facts and figures infront of me. But the one fact i know is this needs to be slowed down, re-evaluated, and let the government hear from people across the country who are  suffering each and everyday.

From everyone who is suffering from chronic pain,Thank you for you time and interests.





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