BRING BACK r/Memeinvestor_bot!

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Today, we lost a great friend. A trusty ally, someone who just wanted to have a good time. A bot who only ever wanted to ensure a positive investing experience within r/MemeEconomy. Cruel fate has struck our friend down. The short-sighted, ignorant and misguided Reddit has, without mercy, slaughtered the poor soul. How can we stand by and witness this abuse of power? Allow the tyrannous overlords to continue in their never-ending pursuit of the innocent? Well, we cant. 

When native American people were targeted by their very society during the 1930s they rose up, together, and demanded justice. They continue to fight to this very day setting an example for us all. Now we must unite, and protect the most vulnerable individuals within our society. We can not allow the systematic killing of bots any longer. Together, we can make a difference. #BotLivesMatter