Mrs Plenkovich's 3600 Word Essay

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We are all absolutely sick of it. Anyone who gets made to do a 3600 word essay when others have to do 1500 word essays.

Some Reason why this is bad is:

  • We have other Assessments and exams therefore we will be spending to much time on this and this means we do worse overall for more important subjects
  • 3600 is too much and there is no reasoning behind this and why we have so many words
  • It creates an  disadvantage for us 
  • Having our grades affected from misbehaving in class is wrong
  • Some people were not misbehaving therefore why are you punishing all of us
  • The marking Criteria said 1600 words in total and we have no written proof of a document. We only have verbal.
  • 100% of people are dropping art in our class  therefore it proves other subjects are more important to spend time on
  • We cant have quality over quantity and we will be marked differently.