We call upon Newcastle City Council to make designated areas in all parks for dog walking

We call upon Newcastle City Council to make designated areas in all parks for dog walking

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Why this petition matters

Started by deanne Bell

To Newcastle City Council


There has been an increase in dog ownership since the start of the pandemic,

with no corresponding provision for safe dog recreation areas or

safeguarding the dogs and their owners.


There are several benefits a dog friendly area has to offer. It gives an

opportunity for the dog to off the leash, to be able to roam in a safe area

instead of being confined to a small fenced-in area or enclosure and also

for the dog to socialize with other dogs and people. In most cases, dogs,

owners and the general public will be safer in a designated dog area.  


The owners benefit from regular exercise


If an owner takes their dog for a walk because they feel it needs its daily

exercise, it may eventually become a hassle. If they take their dog for a

walk knowing the exercise is good for them, the benefits are multiple for

the owner.


Ten Reasons why a designated dog walking area makes sense:


1. Fresh Air - This is a given. The air is free, it's fresh, and it's good

for the owner.


2. Taking a Break - Taking a break from your daily routine is usually

beneficial, especially when you get out and about. As beneficial as walking

your pet on a leash can be for you, letting the dog run free can be even

more so, especially if the owner can run along too. Visiting the designated

dog area not only gets the owner out of the house, but it gives them a break

from retracing the same steps in their neighbourhood day in and day out.

Change is good.


3. No Leash - This only benefits the dog-right? Walking or running without

having a dog on the other end of a leash gives both the owner and their pet

greater freedom of movement. Some dogs walk nicely, some like to pull on the

leash, and some never learn not to continuously try to follow their noses.

The dog is free of the leash and the owner is free of the leash. That means

less effort and less stress all round.


4. Socializing - The dog will hopefully learn to socialize with other dogs.

This can be a great benefit to both the owner and their pet if it acts

afraid of people or of other dogs when it's taken for it's walk, or it is

overly protective or aggressive. One of the first things obedience classes

stress is socializing.


5. Watch Your Pet Play - Watching your pet having a good time is good for

the owner, if for no other reason than it makes them happier.


6. Meet Other People - The dog gets a chance to socialize, and the owner

does as well. This can be very beneficial if the owner leads a somewhat

secluded existence or their dog is their only family.


10. Share Lessons Learned - Owners can often learn some useful tips by

listening to what other pet owners have to say, or what some of their

experiences have been. 


A visit to a dog park can benefit both the owner and their pet. Enjoying

fresh air, exercise, meeting people, and watching dogs at play.


We therefore call upon Newcastle City Council to make dog walking a safer

more enjoyable experience for the owner, pet and member of the public by

designating areas in all parks for dog walking in a safe environment such as

the disused bowling green in Gosforth Central Park as an example.

40 have signed. Let’s get to 50!