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The Demitri Family arrived in Canada from Italy five years ago seeking protection.

At that time the family was composed by husband, wife and two kids aged 12 and 9. Family head, Demitri, was a member of an undercover team on behalf of the Italian Police, but when an important operation did not go as planned, the Italian government failed to protect the patriotic and faithful individuals who were left vulnerable after serving the country.

Everything has been certified as TRUE by the Canadian Government, but their claim has been refused because the Italian Government should have protected them. The fact that protection was not granted by Italy, has not been kept in consideration.

In the time that this family has lived in Canada, the parents begat two Canadian born children. Now the government is trying to deport them, even if in the Demitri family there are two kids that have been diagnosed with PTSD associated with the traumatic memories that they have from Italy.

We do believe that the Canadian children should be allowed to live in their home country along with their family, and the two Italian kids should be allowed to stay in Canada where they feel safe, like a registered Canadian psychologist recommended.

Conscientiously, each family member has done everything to abide by Canadian laws, seeking the help of lawyers and going through the due processes necessary to immigrate to Canada. During the many legal procedures and applications, the family integrated into Canadian culture and contributed in the way of volunteering time for the sake of others in the community and giving to the community with their various talents. In return for their gratitude and good will, many within the community have grown fond of them and have offered to assist them in many ways.

It is important to note that currently, the group of people caring for the family offered refuge to them upon learning that an order of deportation was issued for their removal from Canada. This shows in a great way, that the family is wanted and cared for and is in no way a burden to the Canadian Tax Payer and to the Canadian System. The group of people supporting the Demitri Family is made up of a great many individuals who are in support of them and are insistent that Canadian Immigration look closely at this family’s applications and reconsider its decision.

With the federal election due to take place in less than a year, it is an important consideration for our political leaders to keep in mind the great many national “disturbances” that the current Canadian immigration policies are causing. Lack of forethought and commonsensical approaches to allowing people into the country are becoming intolerable to a great many Canadians. Millions of honest Canadians are able to decipher between those potential citizens who want to use Canada only and those who want to continue to build Canada for all. The group of Canadians who love, support and care for the Demitri Family recognize in them the kind of people that work honestly and want to continue to build Canada.

Now is the time to set a precedent that makes Canada a world leader in the way that it accepts and rejects people seeking to immigrate to this great country. In this way, we ask the Government of Canada to reconsider the decision put forth by Immigration Canada regarding the Demitri Family and instead grant each member Permanent Resident Status. In addition, we ask Minister Justin Trudeau to communicate to the Minister of Immigration to request that he immediately reconsider the decision surrounding the Demitri Family and grant it Permanent Resident Status.

The Hon. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship can provide protection to the Demitri family by exercising your discretion under Section 25.1 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and considering the best interest of the children, grant this family Permanent Resident status.

The list of people below supports the immigration of the Demitri Family to Canada. These people call upon the Government of Canada to give each Demitri Family member the status of permanent residence.