We ask WHO to urgently promote broad awareness of aerosol transmission

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Emergency Request to WHO to activate Airborne Disease Pandemic Plan

Dear Signatories,Thank you for your support on this important effort. Please sign and share the petition:Emergency Request to WHO to activate Airborne Disease Pandemic PlanUnfortunately the airborne nature of SARS-cov-2 transmission has only partly and vaguely been acknowledged by WHO. The guidance for the community is being given piecemeal, and the powerful Airborne Disease Pandemic Plans, that every country has prepared, still haven’t been activated. Resource restriction is not a good enough reason not to activate this policy, as there are many ways that people can adapt to low resources, and there are also other powerful policies for disease mitigation in the strategies. In the face of B.1.1.7 and other more highly transmissible strains we are suffering worse now, on the eve of vaccine mediated herd immunity, than ever before. Activating the Airborne Disease Pandemic Plan has the potential to save thousands of lives between now and successful vaccination. Please consider lending your support again, to our call for the WHO to act on this latest petition. Thank you very much, Noor Bari

1 year ago