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We ask the City to co-sponsor the Rock it RED effort; St. Pete's answer to the global war on AIDS.

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“We must retell the story of AIDS, what it is, how it has killed more than 630,000 in the United States and how it still kills. We must shake a public jaded by awareness ribbons of every color. The world's health depends upon our ability to advance the message and the research, and now is not the time to let up”, wrote the Tampa Bay Times in an editorial this past January 3rd. 

This is my addition to Saint Petersburg, Florida’s response to that call for action.

The mile long RED Ribbon 
I purpose to wrap 140 trees in the Grand Central District along Central Avenue in Saint Petersburg which servies as it’s central corridor running east and west.  Well, not the whole tree. I want to wrap just four feet of the trunks of the trees with red muslin on three sides of the tree.  

On the fourth side a heavier red material will be laced together with the other panel giving it a good snug fit.  On that smaller quarter panel will be the names of local people on the AIDS Quilt along with ample space for visitors to leave their own names and messages.  

After three days on December 3 the installation will be removed and those smaller quarter panels will be laced together producing the St. Petersburg Wall of Remembrance.  Which shall be a gift to a local non-profit.

Speaking of non-profits, I’ve partnered with the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance to serve as both the fiscal agent and a co-beneficiary of the net proceeds for these art installations.  The other outstanding organization that I hope to raise funds for is the St. Petersburg LGBT Welcoming Center.  

My only profit will be the knowledge that I've fulfilled one dream that will allow me to materialize another dream next year on  World AIDS Day; the Labyrinth of AIDS.

You can learn more about these projects on my website

But what about that “=” sign downtown at The Pier?
Good modern art should be shocking and provocative as well as an enlightened demonstration of the artists talents.  And while not as nearly provocative or shocking as I would necessarily like I still hope to draw attention the criminalization of HIV. That’s why I'm proposing to create the equal sign in RED.  Equality under the law for all people.

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One last thing, there is also an online petition asking the City of Saint Petersburg to co-sponsor this event and get the City to Rock it RED for World AIDS Day, December 1st. 2014.  That petition is at

Thank you for your time!

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