We ask Rose Byrne to withdraw her support for the 'Ruby the Roo' tourism campaign.

We ask Rose Byrne to withdraw her support for the 'Ruby the Roo' tourism campaign.

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Alison Barker started this petition to Rose Byrne

Recently Tourism Australia announced ‘Ruby the Roo’ as the mascot for a new tourism campaign. The online community has called out the hypocrisy of using kangaroos to make tourist dollars whilst simultaneously mass slaughtering them nationwide for profit and convenience. Read the Yahoo News Australia article: https://au.news.yahoo.com/tourism-australia-slammed-over-ruby-kangaroo-mascot-032229456.html 
Aussie actress Rose Byrne provides the voice talent for Ruby the Roo and we would love to see her use her platform to tell the world they shouldn’t #ComeAndSayGday until kangaroos are given the protection and respect they deserve.

Tourism Australia slammed over new mascot: 'Our most abused wildlife'

Thousands of kangaroos are killed nightly in Australia by the Commercial Kangaroo Industry.

There are 'misses' and 'hits'.

Those killed outright [ie. a hit] will have their skins, bodies etc. used for boots [think NIKE]; meat [pet and human]; handbags etc.

Kangaroos are NOT farmed.

They are shot at night, under the cover of darkness.

This accounts for the high number of 'misses' [ie. shots that do not kill the kangaroo outright].

The kangaroo, often horribly injured and in pain, then tries to escape.

Many do escape and then are left wounded and in severe pain on their own.

They stay in this horrific condition until they die.

It may take them hours, weeks or even months to die.

This extreme level of suffering is unacceptable!

The other victim of the Commercial Kangaroo Industry is the joey [baby kangaroo].

While the kangaroo is being shot, something needed to be done about joeys

Embedded in two pieces of Australian Legislation are instructions on how to kill joeys.

Two methods are suggested.

The first is to decapitate joeys.

The second is to use blunt force trauma on joey's head in order to kill it.

Usually, this involves flinging joey's head against the back of the ute.

This disturbing and abhorrent activity is happening at night in Australia.

There is also the issue of hygiene.

Many meatworkers who butcher the kangaroo meat state that they 'would not feed it to their dog' because of the large and constant amount of worms that they find inside the kangaroos.

Kangaroos are peaceful, family-orientated animals.

They live in mobs [groups] of between 4 to 100.

Imagine the TRAUMA of having some of your family treated in this way!

For these and many other reasons, I implore you to sign this petition!


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!