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We are suspending this petition as of October 17, 2017.  A group of parents will be meeting with School Administrators.  We will provide an update and thank you for your support.  Also WE ARE NOT COLLECTING ANY DONATIONS!


You've probably seen on various media sources , how dress codes have become a hot topic. We are hearing weekly of girls being "dress coded" for inappropriate or "distracting " apparel. We've all seen the pictures. I've talked with parents and students. I've looked at the dress code in the school handbook. I'm frustrated. 

We are a group of parents looking to change the dress code. We no longer feel that it is fair to our children. It is unfair to label our daughters as distractions or our sons as helpless to control themselves. 

When did bare shoulders become sexualized? When is the mere image of a legging clad bottom enough to cause chaos? I understand the concept of instilling professionalism. Sweatpants and basketball shorts do not conform to this but not a single boy has been "coded " for not looking professional. 

It has become more and more apparent that girls bear the brunt of this dress code. I teach my daughter to be modest and that her actions speak louder than words. Actions are far more distracting than a pair of leggings worn without a tunic top that covers a bottom. Actions speak louder than a bare shoulder or a pair of skinny jeans worn with a waist length sweatshirt. And yes, apparently skinny jeans are also highly "distracting" as well.

Let's bring common sense back. Teach boys that they are responsible for their reactions and that respect is given both to the girl in the leggings and the girl in the burka. This is not something that has happened over night. Times are changing. 

We need to address the unbalanced dress code which takes girls out of classes to cover themselves and makes them feel that they should be ashamed of their bodies. That they bring about any action or crude response thrown their way due to their clothing choice. .

Please sign the petition to change the dress code and make it more equitable for all students.


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