We Are Sorry, Seth Rogen! (Love, Women)

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Still My Seth Rogen Gently Weeps

Hello, ladies! We are sorry to Seth Rogen, but not sorry enough. In under six hours we are almost halfway to being so sorry that we might consider seeing Sausage Party if someone else pays for our ticket and sneaks in a flask and you're allowed to scream at the screen from the depths of your soul, but we are not there yet. If everyone tells two people who are not sorry enough to Seth Rogen that they should be publicly sorry like a certain Katherine Heigl refuses to be, our mission will be complete. If not, we may never see Seth Rogen's character hastily make a complete 180 late in the second act of one of his exhausting movies by reading three chapters of "What to Expect When You're Expecting," or however the fuck that one ends, again. Women, we must apologize. Seth Rogen has been through enough - once he filmed a scene eating poo for 2013's This is the End, and it did not even make the final cut. Seth, we are so sorry.

Jamie Loftus
6 years ago