We are seeking public apologies and retractions/corrections

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We are seeking public apologies and retractions/corrections

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Started by Paul Mall

We are seeking public apologies and retractions/corrections from the following publications! We urge you to sign this petition because there are thousands of patients who are currently disabled from the persistent form of borrelia infection (Lyme disease), and too many who have needlessly died.

We will not be ridiculed by the following publications (listed below) ignoring current science and attacking a very large and ever-growing group of chronically ill patients who are disabled and dying -- all in the name of political gain -- without these publications' writers and editors taking the time to review all available research and data.

For peer-reviewed evidence of persistent borrelia infection (Lyme disease), please click below:



We demand public apologies and retractions/corrections from the following publications:

Slate (two headlines/same story): 

Chronic Lyme disease delusion: Romney campaign pushes medical nonsense 
Why Is Romney Campaigning on Medical Quackery? 

See Article Here 

Contact: corrections@slate.com

The New Yorker: 

Mitt Romney Versus Lyme Disease and Science 

See Article Here 


US News & World Report: 

Mitt Romney Targets the Lyme Disease Vote in Virginia 

See Article Here 


Mother Jones:

Romney's Plan to Win Virginia: Lyme Disease

See Article Here

Scroll down to form, select ‘Letter to the Editor’: 

Washington Post:

Romney vows to take on Lyme disease 'epidemic'

See Article Here

Use Corrections Form: 

Washington Monthly:

Romney's Lyme Disease Mailer: A Play for the Christian Right?

See Article Here

Contact: editors@washingtonmonthly.com

Huffington Post:

Mitt Romney Pledges To Control Lyme 
Disease Epidemic 'Wreaking Havoc' On Virginia In Mailer

See Article Here

Use corrections Form: 
Contact: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/contact/ 

The Daily Kos:

Romney campaign promises to fight Lyme Disease using 'synergy'


Contact: http://www.dailykos.com/contactus

The Daily Beast (Newsweek):

Mitt’s Bizarre Lyme Disease Offensive

See Article Here

Contact: contactletters@newsweek.com

Science Blogs:

Conspiracy-targeted Campaigning from Romney

See Article Here

Contact: editorial@scienceblogs.com


Romney Touts Lyme Disease Conspiracy Theory

See Article Here

Contact: sam@realclearpolitics.com

The Week:

Mitt Romney's strategy to win Virginia: Lyme Disease?

See Article Here

Be sure to select ‘Website editors."

Contact: http://theweek.com/home/info/contact

The Weekly Standard:

Campaign Mailer: Romney Vows to Fight the 'Epidemic' of Lyme

See Article Here

Contact: editor@weeklystandard.com

America Blog:

Romney's secret weapon: Lyme disease!

See Article Here

Contact: contact@americablog.com


Romney Campaign Mailer Targets Lyme

See Article Here

Scroll down and click "Contact your local editor, Susan Larson": 


Health News Review:

The Silly Season – tick, tick, tick in the 
desperate countdown to Election Day, by Gary Schwitzer

See Article Here



Mitt Romney Can’t Even Get Specific 
When He’s Getting Overly-Specific On Lyme Disease

See Article Here

Contact: tips@mediaite.com

Theday.com Connecticut

Mitt Romney takes on Lyme disease


Contact:  t.dwyer@theday.com



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This petition had 1,251 supporters

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