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"Are we loosing OUR RIGHTS, AS PROPERTY OWNERS in Australia, due to local council’s aggressive spot rezoning tactics?"


We, like many other Australian families purchased a property with the plan to establish a home for our family.  After nearly a year of owning our property in Coogee, NSW we received a letter from the local council (Randwick) that our property, along with several others in the street would be ‘spot rezoned’ as a heritage item outside the typical Local Environmental Plan (LEP) revision cycle.

An outcome that would greatly impede on our dreams for improving the property as a family home, not to mention the potential resale value.

To summarise the main points:

·         The local council carried out various heritage assessments at the rate payers expense with NO consultation with us, the property owners.

·         All owners on our street rejected the heritage item listings (note: one owner was unable to be contacted).

·         All owners impacted by the same Heritage and conservation propsal as us, on our street, support the development of our property under the council planning guidelines (note: one owner was unable to be contacted).

·         Any house, (even a rusty falling down shed), can be recommended for heritage listing.

To make matters worse, we were portrayed as ‘BIG BAD DEVELOPERS’ by the local greens, for opposing the decision, and ultimately given "no say" in what happens with our own property.

Does this sound like a council you want representing you?

If you believe Australian home owners should have a say in what happens with their property, then please sign and support this petition.

It is our hope that federal laws are amended to encourage local councils to collaborate with property owners in developing conservation and sustainability outcomes that benefit the whole community, not just the sentiments of a few.

To quote a famous Australian film, “It’s not a house, it’s a home” and no one should dictate what you can do with your home.

Thanks for your time.


This action is simply just “UN-AUSTRALIAN”. 

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