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              167 LEGAL khar linking road stall owners TERMED AS ILLEGAL

1 .)  One Sixty Seven  Licensed stalls at linking road are protected petitioners of Supreme Court Street Vendors Policy directing BMC to Implement Street Vendors Policy across the city . The License stalls hold License since 1973 & are regular tax payers.  They cater to the needs of Mumbaikars for their shopping. These stall owners are continuously being harassed from November 2015 ,despite being legal licensed stalls. They are being traumatized with fears of demolition and loss of goods within the limit of their  stalls.

2 .) Trauma and highhandedness of the BMC forcing unwanted demolition despite license stalls being petitioners of supreme court and high court 2014,order which directs state government to frame policy across city. On January 2017 , once again the licensed stalls were compelled to bring a stay due to day to day harassment of BMC. This action of BMC has led to the death of one widow lady stall owner on 27/01/17  and paralytic attack of two license stall owners opposite National College , Linking Road Khar.

3 .) Police are the protectors of law. They have failed to ensure that law prevails. They have still not filed any FIR against the ward officer of H/WEST ward and the officials responsible for loss of life, and losses of livelihood incurred by stall owners. FIR u/s 166, 167 , 425 , 427 IPC.

4 .) The BMC and Police authorities have shown negligence and a don’t care attitude for such loss of life, loss of livelihood and other health problems caused to theses stall owners, so all had shut shop since 25th January 2017, putting their livelihood and earnings at stake for 19 days sitting outside Khar Police Station in Silent Protest against both. Local Residents and alms strongly supported the license stalls and headed the Silent Protest sitting outside the Police station with all License Stall owners .

5 .) The police hierarchy strongly stated that they have 230 police to BMC for demolition purpose. BMC can use this at their will when required so the police refuse to interfere to protect the rights of the Mumbaikars. Anyone objection or stopping demolition will be face action by police. II Police is  part of the Street Vendor Policy, how are they willfully participating in BMC illegal demolition or action threatening of dire consequences  and making uncalled remarks.

6 .) When resident and licensed stall owners gave representation to Mumbai police all higher authorities police have asked the public to go to court and file contempt against the BMC, if they feel BMC is wrong the police will look into the matter and after court gives such an order. Public can go anywhere even to the politician using the coming election but police will not interfere in BMC demolition. Public should approach the state to get the same revoked.


The question is why should every protected License Vendor go to any court , if High Court has protected these vendors ? Why are local elected representatives pressurizing BMC and Police in Bandra and Khar Specific areas action against specific set of people. Are these elected representatives not the ones framing the Street Vendors Policy ?


The MAIN ISSUE FOR SUCH AN EXTENSIVE DESTRUCTION AND HARASSMENT IS THAT BMC has come up with a 100 Crore beautification project and intends to relocate the License Stalls in the beautification plan . Local Residents have objected as BMC is fooling the citizens by Encroaching more than 20 feet of the road opposite National College which will be a bigger cause of congestion . The same will never be accepted by both Traffic and Local West Region  Police .


Stalls owners had many meetings with BMC HW ward Officer Mr Sharad Ugahde , residents had meetings with DMC Zone III Mr Vasant Prabhu . Till date no official records were created by them. Instead the citizens have submitted the copy of minutes recorded by them.


The beautification plan requires various NOCs and dereservations from Collector, Traffic Police, Fire department, BMCs Traffic and Coordination department . Urban development departments dereservations for 2 places too i.e. small island opposite National College and Patwardhan Gardens above and underground Space.


Under RTI we are already in possession of 6 earlier reports of BMC and Police  which states that no event etc can take place on Linking and S.V Road 3 kilometers siting various safety reasons .


Under RTI , we have also received copy of Traffic Police for this beautification on road and Traffic Police has issued a Water Tight NOC which at no point permits BMC to move2 ahead encroaching the road .

7.) In between BMC Lifted 6 License Pitches and shifted in spite matter once again in court and on a stay . This happened during the time when License Vendors were on an indefinite Silent  Protest, none of the stall owners were present and a lot of damages occurred to all stalls in a row.

From January 2017 Till February , citizens and stall owners in a large number walked 8 times in Silent Protest appraising Mumbaikars and all on above . Till May end all was well. People were assured by Bandra MLA Mr Ashish Shelar and Municipal Commissioner that BMC will only proceed after all NOCs and approvals are in place. BANDRA MLA Mr Ashish Shelar Tweeted on the same too.

8.) Issues didn't stop here.After NOCs and dereservations seem to have become difficult once again BMC from May 2o17 , started issuing notices to the License Stalls.  BMC  on 22 June 2107 demolished 17 licensed owner stalls  with a prior notice of just 48 hours leaving the stall owners in a miserable state destroying livelihood of 200 people depending on the stalls . It's a direct attack on 'Badi Raat ', 3 days before Ramzan IDD . There was direct political pressure on BMC and Police and both willfully not only participated in the demolition but also got the demolition printed in a leading News Paper on 24/06/17. An absolute one sided news was printed casting allegations and calling Licence Stalls as illegal

The BMC is now making it a 4 point agenda to harass the stall owners and the city civil court has given a date of 6th July to give the decision .The fact is the only agenda should be of the BMC is to implement the Street Vendors Policy across Mumbai City.

8. ) These stall owners are 50 years old and the BMC claims them illegal giving 4 points agenda. The BMC  and some higher hierarchies are forcefully demolishing all these stalls and destroying livelihood of people attached to it. This is worse than lynching as everyday people ( License Stall owners and workers) are left to die, family is deprived of basic amenities including children's education.

9.) It looks like BMC intends to follow the same line of action for all 167 stalls . BMC fails to recollect a letter issued to Traffic Police which states that BMC will give stall owners space in the vicinity.

The NOCs and dereservations are not in place but stalls are demolished.There seems no one to pull up the BMC for the same.

All the harassment is because of 100cr. Beautification project which has no NOC or dereservation from any authority. Mumbaikars want to know who will the police protect in a given situation that requires polices help . Why there is no similar action on illegal stalls not only in H-W but also BMC and Police Commissioners Office? Why both succumb to Political pressure.

It is an appeal to every Mumbaikar that the linking road issue is an eye opener to know that if things continue in same manner ,  this city will turn into a Banana Republic, if this wake up call is not taken seriously

Since 2014, when the state government issued  an order to the  BMC and Police to refrain from taking action till policy is not implemented then what stops BMC , Police and area elected representatives from doing so. Citizens supporting the License Stalls have even asked for an open debate with all concerned on above. It seems BMC, Police and Politicians in power seem to be considering themselves above the law.

Friends , This is a serious case .Today , it's me tomorrow it may be you too. Stand up before it's too late.

Local residents, residents from western suburbs other like minded Mumbaikars and 33rd road khar alm144 support all legal license stalls of linking road.

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