Justice for victims of Candace Haines

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Dozens of families have been terrorized by the disgusting, predatorial and disturbing harassment caused by Candace Haines. She has made hundreds of threats to sexually assault, murder, and rape children and has openly admitted to molesting children in her care. She has also put families in danger by taking images from these families social media, and posting them on escort sites asking strangers to come rape them. Recently she even threatened to go on a mass shooting in Nova Scotia.

With all of these issues, the crown and police refuse to remove her from public, as she pleads insanity and mental illness each time, even though she admits to doing this because she knows she will get off easy. This is a serial predator who abuses and manipulates the stigma of mental health to get out of charges so she can repeat them. At this point the responsibility is on the RCMP and justice system to protect and serve our population, and take this predator off the streets.

We are calling for the immediate removal of Candace Haines from the public and for the charges against her to be pushed forward. We also demand a review of the justice system in place that allowed her to remain in public.