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We want the "QUEENSLAND REDS" to create an "IT GETS BETTER" clip to help "STOP YOUTH SUICIDE"

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Rather than whinge about things that need to be changed QNews has always been pro-active.  We have actively been involved in suicide prevention for over 10 years but our new plan is simple and you can help.  We want our "Queensland Heros"  to get involved, so we thought lets start at the top of the sporting field and work from their.  We know there are heaps of ruby league and union fans in our community but even if you are not a Rugby fan you can still help.  We have asked heaps of people to get involved and now Anna Bligh has responded by recording her own youtube clip.  So now we need to gain momentum and go to the rocks stars , sporting heros etc and we NEED YOUR HELP please. Please don't just sign ... ask others to sign it too please!

+ Youth suicide here in Queensland is currently way too high, especially since the around 70% of our state was flooded

+ The number of young people who take their own life can be lowered but we need the help of high profile people including our sporting hero's

+ We need such people to follow the lead of sporting stars and celebrities overseas and let young people gay & straight know that life really does "GET BETTER" and that they are "NOT ALONE" and to help us to "STOP BULLYING"

+ In Queensland more people die of Suicide than of car accidents and this is unacceptable
+ We lack people who are high profile who will take a stand and let young people know that "IT GETS BETTER"

+ Our premier Anna Bligh was the first to react to this request but we also need some heros of young people to get the momentum going to create a positive effect. -To watch Anna Bligh's 50 second video CLICK HERE

+ Young gay men are up to 14 times more likely to take their life than others, we can help stop this.

+ The REDS are amongst the most popular sporting heros here in Queensland and we implore them as the PREMIERS of Rugby to lead the way and hopefully other rugby players and sporting heros will follow is helping people worldwide to understand

+ QNews has tackled this problem for over 10 years but we need help!

+ The REDS are well known for their community support but this project is so important and could save a life ... probably many more.  we want the REDS to be sporting leaders here in Australia and to lead the way for others to follow  ... please?

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