Help us pedestrianise and rewild Osborne Rd/Charter Court to make a community garden.

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The locals of Stroud Green want to pedestrianise and re green Osborne Road/Charter Court in North London, Stroud Green, N4.
We want to rewild the flower beds, creating a bee and butterfly friendly corridor and create a carbon and pollution capturing green wall.
We want to make a community garden to bring the local residents together to support inclusiveness, mental wellbeing and encourage our community spirit.
We want to grow an edible garden as an educational opportunity for children and for locals to enjoy. 
We want to support our small local businesses by creating welcoming outdoor areas whilst maintaining social distancing. 
We want to offer a safe green space for the children in the neighbourhood and in Charter Court whom have no access to gardens. 
We are asking Haringey council and Homes for Haringey to make this project a priority in this often forgotten part of the borough. 

We want to nurture the community spirit we have seen at our afternoon gardening sessions over the last few months. This coming together outdoors at this difficult time has been very important for many. This is a small street which is a one way cut through road which has been left to rot for decades, untouched, unloved and now unsafe. We have started to clear out the weeds and have planted, sunflowers, Rosemary, tomatoes, Iris, Geraniums and Nasturtiums to name a few. These have all been donated by locals. We have been overwhelmed by the community spirit shown and how important this connection is for the locals with people of all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds turning out to work together. Those not fit enough to physically help out have offered moral support and company to the workers. We want Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey to turn Charter Court/Osborne Road into to a large community garden and communal area. Pedestrianising it to create a safe open space for locals to meet and also greening our area to help reduce pollution. The surrounding roads are rat runs and heavily polluted. We want to garden as a community to educate ourselves and our children on how to grow plants and food. Work with local schools and GP surgeries to teach, inspire and help combat depression and loneliness. In a post COVID world we need more safe open green spaces in urban areas. We need to keep people connected safely and also help many of the small local businesses who have suffered badly during this heath crisis to continue trading by giving them access to safe and beautiful open spaces for their customers. We have to reduce pollution and the devastating health affects it causes. We must do all we can locally to make our neighbourhoods better and healthier places to live for the benefit of all. Please sign this petition asking Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey to reclaim and help rewild this area.