Mother's Day Proclamation: A Call to Action

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Mothers’ Day Proclamation (May 12, 2019)

A Call to Action

STAND UP! Mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons!

Stand up all who grieve for Mother Earth, and value the voiceless creatures that inhabit the Earth and the Oceans.

Stand up for the future of our children, and our children’s children.

Say firmly: WE will not have the greatest decisions of our day decided by corporate greed.

WE will not support those who put profit before sustainability, or the promise of short-term jobs before the promise of a future.

WE will VOTE for our children.

WE want action; not more political talking points.

WE demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies, and want our tax dollars directed to building renewable energy infrastructure.

WE know that a ‘growth’ economy depletes the Earth, benefits a few, and fails the many.

WE will support only those devoted to building a sustainable economy that benefits all.

WE stand united in our protection of all that we hold sacred.

WE will raise our voices and we will make them count.