Petitioning NSW Department of Primary Industries Elizabeth McArthur (NSW Department of Primary Industries) and 13 others

Against the spread of K5 calici virus and RHDV2 Rabbit Virus without proven Vaccines

A new strain of the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) known as K5 is due for release in Australia starting 1st March 2017. I fully understand the problems faced by farmers by feral rabbits but deliberately introducing viruses can be dangerous. K5 is strain 08Q712 of the RHDVa subgroup - that is, of Chinese origin. It was imported from Korea, along with 37 other strains (many of which also happened to be strains of RHDVa) and another even deadlier virus RHDV2, for testing to assess which would be the most suitable. The fifth strain of RHDVa tested was decided on and hence called K5. Unfortunately, various strains of RHDVa have already escaped and caused outbreaks in Australia, and now RHDV2 is also here, spreading and killing thousands of domestic rabbits since we have no effective vaccine for it, and RHDV2 is not species specific. Please help stop this bio-logical warfare on our domestic rabbits. There are other ways to control feral rabbits including halting fertility etc. We need vaccines to be allowed into Australia or to be developed here that will help save what is left of our domestic rabbits. Thankyou for signing and sharing.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries
    Elizabeth McArthur (NSW Department of Primary Industries)
  • Independent Senator for South Australia, Leader of Nick Xenophon Team
    Nick Xenophon
  • Leader of the Australian Greens
    Senator Richard Di Natale
  • Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources
    Hon.Barnaby Joyce Mp
  • Leader of the Australian Greens Party
    Senator Richard Di Natale
  • Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Council
    Dr Andreas Glanznig
  • Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Council
    Dr Tony Pople
  • Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Counci
    Dr Tarnya Cox
  • Biosecurity South Australia
  • Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
  • Animal Health Australia
  • Australian Chief Veterinary Office
    Dr Mark Schipp
  • Senator Nick Xenophon
  • National Rabbit Facilitator
    Michael Reid

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