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Maree Hamming
Sandford, Australia


SADLY we announce that on the 1st March, the K5 RHDV1a virus was released across the country...

Vials of death dispatched across the country to kill Rabbits, which will decimate Domestic Pet as collateral damage.
We have no voice with this Government. Rabbits have no value as Domestic Pets. Cats and Dogs do, but a rabbit is
just a rabbit it seems.

We thankyou all for the continuing support as we now start to fight to have the continual release HALTED.
We will use this petition now to gather even more support, to STOP this from continuing or similar ever happening again
Domestic Rabbits do not deserve to die in this Bio-Warfare on Wild Rabbits.
Wild Rabbits do not deserve to die this inhumane Death.
Fertility immune contraceptive control would be better long term solution.

Despite the massive world wide support on this petition,

Despite lodging many submissions showing why this should not happen or at least be delayed ,

Despite legal challenges,

Despite begging,

Despite showing the government that the only vaccine available ( of unknown efficacy ) Cylap (R) was out of supply across the country,

Despite the fact that we asked it to be delayed until new (already made ) Vaccine Multivalent is available.

DESPITE ALL OF THAT: on MARCH the 1st 2017, the Australian Government, chose to ignore the pleas of domestic rabbit owners, and RHDV1a K5 was released across Australia.

WE are still reeling from the losses of another deadly virus RHDV2 that was being "researched" here, and in total disregard of the suffering of people facing losses, the government went ahead and released this virus. known as K5.

... Since that time, the government officials and scientists involved have engaged in another media bombardment of their success and now story after story, appears in the paper of people from DPI smiling as they proudly hold up a virus of death for our pets and pack ready for posting in normal mail to people who wanted it.
We also see the researchers proudly testing the first wild bunny found that succumbed to this vicious assault on its poor body.
A rabbit be it pet or wild is a sentient animal and no sentient animal deserves to suffer a death as cruel and inhumane as this Ebola like virus K5..

It beggars belief that those responsible are now seemingly oblivious to our pain or stress or that of children, facing or having lost their pet to either this (still to be tested on pet losses) or the RHDV2.

I want the world to see what they are doing here, Virus use on animals deemed pests is set to escalate

I hope the world will gather together and show your outrage, tell our government to stop virus engineering and killing our animals be they introduced species or otherwise.

Despite being an introduced species they are now an established part of the food chain,we will now see prey switching .

And with other virus already in play controlling numbers , a new virus was unnecessary

This virus was chosen because its a better killer, and described by on TV as King of Killer virus. It also stated that any unvaccinated rabbit hit by the K5 virus is a dead rabbit.

The lack of concern or empathy to pet owners is appalling to say the least.

I would like this petition to grow louder still now, and want to call on the government to STOP the continuing roll out of this virus every few months which is the current plan.

Research is already being done as part of a 20 year plan on newer worse more deadly virus for the rabbit and a few other species.

There is technology now to develop a better way that involves a more humane method of control of animals deemed "pest" species and its a fertility control program and would be long term a more effective method and more cost effective.

Please add your voice and express your concern... email from anywhere in the world the people to whom this petition is addressed Please help stop this dangerous practice of Virus Bio-Warfare on animals... thankyou from the sentient Animals of Australia.

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