Ea Please install your Servers in INDIA and other Asian Regions

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From decades weo have seen a lot of pros from western countries to excell in the world of Fifa Esports actually. Does it mean that only in western countries good and passionate players exist???No! Its absolutely wrong ! Apart from countries like UK,US,GERMANY etc.. There are millions and millions of  professional players in asian countries ,and  players who are aspiring to be a Fifa E-Athelete.In Events like Fifa E-WORLD CUP and ESWC we could barely see players from Asian Regions who Qualify for this Huge Events. Guess What?? Only because of the lack of servers its only happening. Lack of Severs in Asian regions are causing problems like Input Delay ,high ping with servers ,waiting too long for opponents to be found etc.. These all makes the players very frustrated and demotivated. And in worst case  these problems ultimately make the players quit the game and all their aspirations with it.  

Not only fut champs but other online game modes like Pro clubs we also face those same issues. In Major Pro Club Leagues like VPG, Pro Clubs League in Esl etc... 

India even has their own Pro Clubs National Squad. But might face issue when playing against european and other other other countries. Just because of less no. Of severs between them and us. So i Request Mr.Andrew Wilson(CEO )of EA SPORTS. To please look into this matter and install servers in India and Asian Region. So that the chance of coming into big stage and becoming an internatinal Epsorts Fifa Star  is equalized for players arorund the world and specially for India. Thanks!

Anirban(Fellow Indian Fifa Gamer)