Punish the culprits for killing innocent pregnant elephant

Punish the culprits for killing innocent pregnant elephant

3 June 2020
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Started by Varun Sharma

What is more disturbing and brainless than feeding a pregnant Elephant with a Pineapple which is filled with the country-made crackers.?

This incident happened last Wednesday in Kerala, nearby Palakkad district. 

She had left the forest in search of food as we all humans are Quarantined due to the COVID-19, it might have very difficult for her to find food, else she wouldn't have left the forest.

When she entered this village, she didn't harm anything to the humans nor any of the homes, all she wanted was food for her baby. Localities offered pineapple which she gracefully accepted but unknowing of crackers in the pineapple.

Fire crackers burst in her mouth hurting her tongue and her mouth very badly, she roamed around the village with immense pain without hurting any human or any homes in the village.

Finally she managed to get to Velliyar River, where she entered trying to cool her mouth and tongue and reducing the injury.

Forest officers brought 2 Elephants to get her out of water and help her, but she refused any help and after struggling for hours she passed away with her baby still in womb at 4PM  standing in the river.

The villagers might have been unaware of her being pregnant but is it how we need to treat other animals.?

I ask everyone what if our mother or sister or our friends was in similar situation, being hurt by another human.? Will we sit quiet for such nuisance or lunatics in the system.?

A serious action needs to be taken against the culprits, would prefer the death similar to the one they gave to her.

Please sign the petition and help in getting some justice for her and her baby's soul.!

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Signatures: 21Next Goal: 25
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