I want to stop the government building new homes in the South East.

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I live in an area, of ever increasing congestion, and population density. Infrastructure resources are creaking to the point of collapse. Roads, Rail, Health & Education are all underfunded and suffering with the disproportionate population expansion in this area.  My commute has doubled in time, my doctor's surgery is almost impossible to attend due to ridiculous waiting times for appointments and my nieces and nephews face zero chance of attending a local school. They almost need to be booked in before they were born. Utterly ridiculous.

Might I suggest instead of simply stuffing more bodies into the south-east, to allow people access to the so called "prosperous South", the Government and businesses in general, invest in the North.  Create opportunities, improve support, give tax breaks, invest in regeneration and generally encourage and create enthusiasm for businesses and people to settle in the North. As has happened with so many successful projects up there. This in turn will create jobs, consumers and patrons for the businesses already established and currently struggling and will drive prosperity and reverse the alleged wealth divide between North & South.  

Failing that, the long term outcome, is an economic wasteland north of Birmingham, ever increasingly unaffordable cost of living in the South and eventual societal degradation.

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