justice for asifa

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You guys have heard the rape case against this small and young girl named Asifa in jammu and Kashmir. she was raped just because she being a Muslim entered a Hindu temple. whats wrong with our country's people where has all the humanity gone? A leader has only done this he's supposed to be an example for us.if he only commits such a crime. Imagine the level of corruption in this country.

Just imagine what will be the situation of that poor child's family how depressed they might be feeling. Imagine what that sad girl would have gone through. Being only a child of 8 years of age she was raped and murdered. Where is all the humanity gone. Why is our prime minister keeping quiet after hearing all this.

The rapist should be hanged to death. Just imagine if someone in your family went through this would you keep quiet. I am sure that nobody will keep quiet everyone will raise their voices against this.

So i request you guys to please sign this petition and show support towards the poor child and her family. If we manage to get at least 10000 signature it would be enough to raise our voices against the corrupt officials.