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By sheer coincidence (or perhaps divine intervention) the "Navigating the American Carbon World" Conference -- a schmooze-fest of oil executives, bankers, offset dealers, and green(wash) groups flown in to- essentially- carve up and sell the sky, perpetuating our addiction to fossil fuels- is- at this moment sharing the San Francisco Marriott Marquis with (are you ready for this?)----- the annual meeting of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

We're asking the Psychiatrists attending the ASAM who have flowin in from around the country to use the latest addiction treatments to free the fossil fuel addicts attending the carbon trading conference of their addiction so we all can be free.   Denial is a typical feature of addiction, and this conference is in massive denial about the kettle of fish that we're in.

Letter to
American Society for Addiction Medicine American Society for Addiction Medicine
We welcome you to San Francisco. We hope you are enjoying the conference, and our beautiful city by (and probably soon under) the Bay.

We are writing to say that tomorrow is an historic opportunity to heal the world.

Your annual meeting is sharing the Marriott Marquis with the "Navigating the American Carbon World" Conference, a meeting of carbon traders and fossil fuel companies.

Our continuing addiction to burning limited supplies of fossil fuels is endangering all life on this planet, including our own species. Surely there is no worse case of addiction than this.

The science says we can no longer abuse coal, oil and gas at current levels. And yet our use is increasing, and in denial we leap at chances to believe false stories like sunspots or offsets, even as our Earth's fever grows, we continue lavish carbon heavy airport dependent conferences and suicidal thinking.

We ask that you meet with your colleagues at the Carbon Trading conference on Friday and help to move beyond their- and our- addiction to carbon before it's too late.

The denial must cease.