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Boycott Disney over not including speaking part for President Trump in Hall of Presidents.

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I am starting this petition to inform Disney that there are many people that want to see President Donald Trump speak in The Hall of Presidents attraction at The Magic Kingdom. It appears there is a petition trying to discourage Disney from including a speaking part for President Trump in this patriotic attraction. I find this to be absurd. When I read this headline, I was in disbelief. This attraction has given every president a speaking part since 1993. Donald Trump is the President whether anyone likes it or not. Denial of history sets a terrible precedence.

I take my family on this attraction because I have always enjoyed the sense of patriotism that the ride displays. If our current president is not given the same respect as previous presidents(whether their decisions are controversial or not); I do not want to support this organization. Whether it be Disney or any other corporation; it is an absolute disgrace if Disney does not include our current President in a speaking part. I am sure a lot of fellow Americans can agree with me in saying this. After all he was elected President. The very least Disney could do is quote him saying "Make America Great Again." If this becomes finalized and Disney cannot give him a speaking part as they did Presidents for the last 24 years, I can no longer patronize them. I will choose another amusement park for my 4 children to enjoy. I do not want to have to answer to my kids asking why President Trump did not speak on the ride. For this reason I will boycott Disney if he is not given the same respect that previous presidents were given. America needs to unite and show support for our president, not be divisive. Please sign this petition if you are a patriot and want to see President Trump receive the respect he deserves from Disney.

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