Stop Antisemitism in the media! WDTK, stop broadcasting White Lies and Roses!

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This past Sunday I was driving home from work when I turned my radio to Newstalk 1400, a local Detroit talk show station, a division of Salem Communication. A show called White Lies and Roses was airing. I listened with interest as the show host discussed the middle east conflict. While I disagreed with most of his points and found many to be factually inaccurate, that did not bother me since it is a talk show after all.

A few minutes into the show the host, Christian Wright, started voicing some extremely antisemitic views that he did not even bother to veil as anti-Zionism.

Here are just a few direct quotes from the show:

  1.  "I have to disagree with 6 million Jews that were murdered- you claim that were murdered...Propaganda rules us... I have to say this, the Jews are masters at propaganda. They have us believing that a huge number...The Holocaust happened, but it wasn't nearly the numbers they portray. Propaganda."
  2. "Do you know what's interesting about the Jews? History has shown us that the most popular men in history have hated the Jews. Ben Franklin...Henry Ford...Martin Luther...The Romans...They hated the Jews. It's funny that they're so beloved now. It's intriguing."
  3. Quoting Ariel Sharon: "We the Jewish people control America". This quote has never been recorded by any news agency, and first appeared on a pro-Hamas website, hardly a reputable source to quote. For the host to quote this in such a matter-of-fact manner, is not just ignorant (as are many of his other statements), but is dangerous because it promotes the anti-semitic notion that Jews control the world. As an aside, it also reveals his poor choice of reading material and information sources (Hamas media? really?).

You can find the recording here

I emailed WDTK Newstalk 1400, and this was the response I received, "Thanks. We'll listen to the broadcast and engage the programmers directly. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention."

Providing such a host with a platform to express his antisemitic views is irresponsible, and the only proper course of action would be to fire him. Please help me in raising awareness for this issue, so the station is forced to issue a public apology and remove his show from their roster. 

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