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Exam time is a very important period of time for young people, as it can influnce the rest of their lives thereafter. The chance of study leave gives many young people a much needed opportunity to improve their chances of passing their exams, and in turn, the opportunity to better the variety of their choices once they leave school.

Taking away this invaluable time could cause many young people to achieve worse than they would otherwise be expected to achieve in their exams. Being in school may be the best course of action for some people, but for others - for example, those who work best alone - studying at home is their best option. During study leave, you are always welcome to travel to the school to study independently there, or to ask teachers for help, however if you are required to be in school, there is not any way that you would be allowed to return home, even if it is the best course of action for you.

The travelling time to and from school also wastes valuable time that could be used to study. Many people live up to an hour away from school, meaning that two hours would be wasted simply getting there and back.

Finally, when at home, while you may have many distractions in the form of games consoles, TV and books, at school you have the constant distraction of other people. It is very easy to simply turn off everything in your home which may distract you, but it is not so easy to convince one of your friends that you cannot participate in their conversation.

In short, the ability to spend the day studying what you need to study rather than what your teacher wishes you to study is an invaluable tool for many young people, and it would be beneficial for us to be allowed to retain this.

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