Leave Legacy Naming at WUHS Alone

Leave Legacy Naming at WUHS Alone

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Dean Corkum started this petition to WCUUD School Board

It has come to the attention of the current community as well as to the attention of the alumni of WUHS that the school board is considering renaming a few locations across the campus that already have been dedicated and named to people who have committed themselves to bettering our school.

We understand that the proposed building project is one that is exciting and also expensive. We realize there is the need to be creative in order to bridge the funding gap that currently exists. It is our belief that the school board should not consider renaming any location that have already been dedicated. We have heard specific locations already mentioned by the school board and respectfully ask that the naming policy be specifically written to exclude these locations as an option for naming in an effort to off-set building project costs.

It is understandable that you, as school board members, are looking for alternative funding sources. The concept that names rights go to the highest donor ~rather than~ to the valued members of our community which have already had these locations dedicated to them is in poor taste and does not reflect the wishes of the community you have been elected to represent. We imagine that most of you agree the proposed school and facilities are very nice. Our concern is that each of you also recognize that no matter how up-to-date the facility may be… the facility itself is not as important as the people that have contributed to it. And especially those in our community who have influenced countless children and supported them as they grew to be the adults they are today.

The community of Woodstock has chosen to honor a few people who have positively influenced GENERATIONS of Woodstock Union High School students. What is a more important commodity than our children. There is a longstanding tradition of excellence at WUHS- Traditions do not come and go, they are built over time. 

Vermonters are a hardy and proud bunch with strong values like - hard work, -commitment and -sacrifice.  These are the values that we as a community wish to continue and furthermore we want to pass them onto the next generations of children at WUHS. We have been fortunate to have role models.

The following people dedicated themselves to WUHS and have already been thanked and recognized by the community by having a piece of the WUHS history dedicated to their legacy. We ask that you not to take this away from our children and future students.

Please write your naming policy to specifically reflect that the already named locations will not be changed.

James T. McLaughlin Athletic field- The WUHS football field has been named recently after long time football coach Jim McLaughlin, who is still a member of our community

Frates Field- The WUHS field hockey field has been named after long time field hockey coach Yvonne Frates, who is still a member of our community

Daily Gym- The WUHS gymnasium named after long time Coach Robert Daily.

Yoh Theatre- The WUHS theatre named after Mr. Robert Yoh

Teagle Library- The high school Library named after Ms. Rhoda Teagle

Thank you.

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