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Currently the Arrowcreek bus stops are in a fixed location that don't adequately serve the community.  Some homes are over 2 miles from the nearest bus stop which is actually farther than the farthest bus stops are from Hunsburger Elementary.

For the younger children this is too far a distance to routinely walk, so parents naturally drive their children to the bus stop.  The problem is the bus stops have limited parking so parents drive their children all the way to the school.  This creates significant traffic issues at Hunsburger.

Inquires into why the bus stops aren't better positioned results in no clear answer.  There are claims it is the HOA, or a snowfall issue.  One would think that the HOA would be interested in moving some of the bus stops off of Arrowcreek parkway for safety and traffic concerns.  As far as the snowfall issue, the solution could be as simple as when there is accumulated overnight snow, the bus stops snap back to the Arrowcreek Pkwy stops.

As shown in the photo the current stops (marked by red dots) reach less than 50% into the community.  The blue line represents an efficient route addition that adds less than 5 min of drive time at 25 mph.  There are obviously additional loop options into Indigo Run and Winding Ridge that could be explored depending on children density in the various housing areas.

This is but one suggestion.  Any change may not be workable for the district due to a number of factors including scheduling or staffing issues.  There is also a possibility that the original bus stops were placed when the upper areas of Arrowcreek were sparsely populated and no adjustments were made from that point in time.  If you support at least investigating district bus stop guidelines and how the Arrowcreek bus stops came to be, please sign the petition.

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