Get Dixie Direct our of our schools

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Recently, in a public forum, the owner of Dixie Direct made a post that was disparaging to the LGBTQ community. He was pressed about it, and instead of offering an apology for his blatant insensitivity he doubled down saying he found both the acronym LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ funny as well as using the term “retard”. 

This is a prominent man in our community who relies on OUR children to sell his coupon book. While much money from sales is donated to the schools, he clearly does not have the best interest of ALL of our children at heart. We need to let the school board know that we won’t tolerate injustice and hate speech in our community. 

Since the backlash he has received via social media he has since taken down the offensive posts. I have them in screen shots so you can see for yourself what was said and make an informed decision. 

On behalf of the already marginalized LGBTQ community, I hope you will consider singing this petition so we can come up with a more inclusive way to fundraise for our school district.