Keep Cypress Meadow at Banks Road Elementary & Holly Grove Middle

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Catherine Junis
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Wake County Public School System announced it would move students in Cypress Meadow as part of their utilization plan. Beginning next school year they’ve assigned students to attend Smith Elementary and North Garner Middle School. Both schools are located in Garner, N.C.

For many families this change would cause:

1. Hardship: Kids who go to before and after school care, transportation due to where parents work.

2. Our location/where we live: Our subdivision is in Fuquay-Varina, the transportation alone by car or bus would mean our kids would be forced to leave home much earlier and they would get home much later. Our neighborhood would have a hard transition to Smith due to already being completed.

3. Education: Class sizes are bigger, Smith does not offer year-round option, the year-round school to apply for has limited school calendar options to meet the families needs.

By keeping Cypress Meadow at Banks this would avoid disrupting students education and community which is something we would all desperately miss if the children become scattered across multiple magnet, charter and private schools.