Don't shutter Chicago's Worldview With Jerome McDonnell (WBEZ)

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Worldview is a unique program, not only in our city but anywhere. It is diversity, multiculturalism and understanding of our world, the antidote to the fearful trends engulfing us now. No other program offers the breadth and depth of little-covered but important overseas issues. (Weekly in-depth Puerto Rican hurricane recovery reports, a full year afterward? Who else offers this? Or any sort of alternate coverage on Venezuela? Palestine? Honduras?) For more than 30 years, it's given voice to an amazing array of guests, many of whom you'll hear nowhere else: academics, activists, artists, political leaders, people on the ground sharing their experiences and expertise on critical breaking situations. Plus it covers Chicago and its neighborhoods.

The networks and papers started slashing their foreign news desks in the 80s, and now look where we are at. Public radio exists exactly for superb shows like Worldview.

Change is inevitable, so change Worldview. But Chicago is an international city, don't cancel its international news program.

WORLDVIEWERS UNITE! After you sign the petition,

Call WBEZ 312-948-4600
Write Programming Director Israel Smith
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UPDATE 07.27.19

**This Thursday, August 1, 6 PM: Chopin Theater hosting a strategy meeting, 1543 W. Division Street.

**August 21, 6 PM: WBEZ Sound Board meeting, 515 N. State Street, Room 16C.
According to receptionist at WBEZ, they’ll have people in the lobby to escort attendees up because it’s a key card entry area.

Come make your voice heard, and bring your friends.