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WAZA & IMATA: $top $upporting the dolphin $laughter in Taiji

On December 12, 2012, in Taiji, Japan, a very large pod of bottlenose dolphins were hunted and trapped in The Cove. It is expected that on December 13, 2012, trainers will make their selections for those dolphins that they believe will perform well in the aquarium or marine park industry. The remainder of the pod could be slaughtered for sale per pound as so much "meat on the hoof."

If WAZA stands behind the claims to be committed to the conservation and appreciation of dolphins, the organization and its members cannot at the same time accept dolphins from any hunt in which dolphins were slaughtered. If it does, this would then require a retraction of any statement that WAZA was committed to the welfare of dolphins. WAZA cannot have it both ways.


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  • President, The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums
    Dr. Jorg Junhold
  • President, The International Marine Mammal Trainers' Association
    Shelley Wood

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